Hang Mua – Viewpoint

Hang Mua has one of the best views in Vietnam.

The road to the top of Mua Mountain was built in the style of a citadel, many people still liken this place to the Great Wall of Vietnam.

The path was built of white stone with 486 steps leading to the top. Over time, the road has a quiet, mossy beauty. On the top of the mountain are the towers with the architecture similar to the towers in temples with sharp peaks, curved roofs.

At the beginning of the path to the mountain is a dragon created subtly as inviting visitors to conquer the road to the top of the mountain. On the top of the mountain is the image of a dragon flanking the Buddha statue. The dragon on the top of the mountain is not only flanking Buddha, but also many people are looking for peace and sunset if viewed from the foot of the mountain. This is also the "highest" dragon in Ninh Binh and creates a unique architecture on the top of Dance Mountain.

On the two sides of the road leading to the top of the mountain, there are many images of animals such as Nghe, eagle ... the animals that have imprints in the architectural and spiritual culture of Vietnamese people. These animals are placed on stone pillars along the way to create more special and impressive path to the top of the mountain.

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